Harley and the Davidsons

Inspiring news is coming to please the fans of riding. The thing is that this year we are about to watch the series devoted to the most popular brand of bikes in the world history. So let’s get somehow informed about the current situation with the series.

Quick outline of the series

Harley and the Davidsons Possible Poster
First thing we should mention is that the multipart film is considered to a mini-series. It is to include only 3 episodes. Each will last, however, the entire two hours.
It becomes known now that the filming of “Harley and the Davidsons” is to start already this month. The show, that comes from Raw Television, will air later this year on the Discovery channel.
The screenwriters turn to be Evan Wright and Seth Fisher. The story plot enlarges upon the birth of the now legendary brand launched in 1903 and also is about the two friends from Milwaukee, the immediate creators of the riding icon, William Harley and Arthur Davidson.

Brilliant star cast

The acting cast of the miniseries is to be really fascinating. So let’s define the main and then the minor performers of roles.

  • Robert Aramayo, known for his role in the popular fantasy series named “Game of Thrones” will be responsible for the part of William “Bill” Harley.
  • Michiel Huisman, who also stars in “Game of Thrones”, will take the role of Walter Davidson.
  • Bug Hall, who has received his fame mainly due to his part in “The Little Rascals”, is to play Arthur Davidson.
  • Jessica Camacho, who is of “Sleepy Hollow”,“Last Resort,” and “Longmire”fame, is to play a brave and reckless member of the motorcycle team titled “Harley-Davidson”. Her series name is Reya.
  • Stephen Rider, famous for his role in “Daredevil”, is to become William Johson who is reckoned to be the first dealer of the brand “Harley-Davidson”.
  • Gabe Luna is given the part of Eddie Hasha known also as “Texas Cyclone”. This person is considered to be a famous American motor-racer. The actor was the star in such film projects as “Wicked City”, “True Detective”, and also “Transpecos” together with “Bernie”.
  • Alex Shaffer was the member of the acting cast in “Win-Win”, “The Lifeguard”, and the most recent “We Are Your Friends”. In the discussed miniseries he is to play Shrimp Burns, who is reckoned to be one of the top dirt and board track motorcycle racers in the early 20th century.
  • Sean Scully was also participating in many TV projects. Here he will be depicting the part pf Walt, Jr.
  • Annie Read, known from Awkward. Whom she is going to play is unknown.
Jessica Camacho is casting in Harley and the Davidsons

When is the series to appear on our TV screens

The production channel of the upcoming miniseries has recently revealed some launch details. So the Harley and the Davidsons release date is considered to be officially September 5, 2016. The second and the third installments are to be shown the following two days.
Thus let’s hope that the developers are now wasting the time for prodction and wait till the premiere comes to our homes.


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