Hardcore Pawn Season 10

Hardcore Pawn Season 10 Release Date


Hardcore Pawn is American reality TV serial. The premiere of it was in the year of 2010 in August. But now we want to present you one of the best seasons.


Among the Actors you will see the people, who have the greatest experience in different spheres. Here a lot of Actors appear and we wouldn’t present the whole cast. We just want to underline the most important and professional characters:

  • Seth Gold and Ashley Broad.
  • Joel Shannon and Les.
  • Bobby Janiec and Fielding Teichman.
  • Carneal Stiger and Rich Pyle.
  • Nikki Black and Dennis Kaminer.
  • Karen Mitchel and Tiffany Jean Jones.
  • Lili Gold and Brian Lattin.
  • Bob Bedra and Rick Parisse.
  • Amber Taylor and Jeff Kugel.
  • Brian Jackson and Jeff West.
  • Amy Leonard and Bill Lumbert.
  • Ray Jhad and R. J. Rowan.
  • George Bonilla and Davis Lemoine.
  • Dominique Chozen Davis and Robert Spearman.
  • Christina Silas and Darren McCarty.
  • Scott Wilmoth and Kane Hodder.
  • John Pullum and Brian Blume.
  • Randy Smith and Nik Drankoski.

The directors are Ken Snow, Anthony Mastanduno, and Berry English. The producers are Richard Dominick, Luana Figueroa, Les Gold, Claire O`Donohoe, Evan Altshuler, Tim McCall, Ken Snow, Mark Anstendig, Ashley Broad.


Such serial will show you Leslie`s private life. He owns Jewelry shop and Loan, so here you will see a lot of drama and reality elements. In that season different people and their lives will be shown. In one beautiful day life can change, so you must be ready for it in order not to miss the important things.


People, who have a free time, can watch this serial from the beginning till the end. If you want to determine the Main idea, you must start from the first season. Also you can propose it for each member of your family.

New episodes will help you to estimate your life and to become another person.

The Hardcore Pawn 10 Season release date is the 8th of February this year, so you can watch it in any suitable moment. That will be the greatest idea. To know, when the season premiere and the season premiere will be, you can use the extra information.

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