Happy Valley Season 3

Is the genre of a criminal drama is to your liking? If yes, we highly recommend to you to follow a respectively new series titled “Happy Valley” the plot of which is full of chilling mysteries. Now the series is announced for a resumption in the form of the third season.

About the series

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Happy Valley is considered to be a criminal project created specially for BBC One. The series is on viewers’ screens since 2014. Currently, we have 12 episodes available and two seasons at our disposal. The second season is currently airing on the aforementioned channel beginning from February. The creator and the director of the series is Sally Wainwright. This person is also a member of the executive producing team together with Nicola Shinder and Matthew Read. The series fabrication studio is named Red Production Company.
The principal cast includes such famous personalities as Sarah Lancashire, Shane Zaza, and Siobhan Finneran. So this is the general portion of data you need to know about the serial and now let’s turn immediately to the plot.

Plot summary

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The main heroine of the story is reckoned to be Catherine Wood. She works as a sergeant in a police department in West Yorkshire. Now she has to live further after her daughter’s suicide. However, this tragedy will never be forgotten. Accidentally, she finds Tommy Lee Royce, a person whom she considers as the reason for her daughter passing away. Then she gets to know that he is connected to the kidnapping of a small Ann Gallagher. Catherine should recover her powers in order to get to the bottom of the criminal case.

Rating level and renewal potential

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The serial was accepted with flying flowers. Just imagine that the premiere episode counted more than 8.5 million people. This number has been maintained also in the second season. The commentaries from common viewers as well as from critics are in its most part positive if not to take into account the statements about the raw graphic content.
The general effect produced by the series narrative was felt through the thrilling suspense and a perfect acting. And the narrative itself is reckoned unanimously to be a hit. This can be also proved by various awards for which the serial and its acting cast were nominated, as for instance the prestigious BAFTA.
So we can make now a very impudent from the first sight statement that this series can’t be brought to an end at least while its ratings are on a high level. And our beliefs have been confirmed very recently by The Sun after it has written about the renewal of the series in the form of the third chapter. Official renewal is so far to be slated as well as the Happy Valley season 3 release date. However, there is no doubting that it is only a matter of time. Keep abreast of the upcoming news about the plot and the premiere date of the series straight from the horse’s mouth in order to be timely notified about the beginning of your favorite serial.


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