Hand of God Season 2

As of December of the preceding year, the new American serial about justice accessible on Amazon was resumed at arm’s length by its creators. The serial is titled “Hand of God” and presents a story of one corrupt judge. The exact launch of the sophomore season is yet to be scheduled.

Review of the project

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Hand of God makes for a series by American production. It can be referred as a drama. The story features a corrupt judge who gets involved in an accident after which he obtains faith in the fact that God is making him deal with lynching.
The serial is considered to be the product of such company as Universal Television. It is created especially for the order made by Amazon. As for the acting crew, it is presented by such stars as Dana Delaney, Andre Royo and Emayatzy Corinealdi with the leading actor Ron Perlman performing the principal role of a judge.
The scenario turns to be the result of a hard work accomplished by Ben Watkins who is known for his contribution to such famous project as “Burn Notice”. The leader of the behind-the-scene crew is the duty performed by Marc Foster who is noted for applying his brilliant directory skills in the film under the title “ World War Z”.
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The opening was held in the antecedent year if to be more exact in the beginning of September following the showcasing of the pilot episode that had taken place a month before the main premiere. The first episode consists of 10 full episodes.

More detailed description of the plot

Hand of God enlarges upon events in the life of Pernell Harris who is reckoned to be a vendible judge after the accident in which he gets involved all of a sudden. He begins putting a deep faith in God and his mission on this planet. So according to his point-of-view, he is to walk a hard path of revealing the truth when it goes about criminal cases. He is to punish all those villains that are in charge of vigorous crimes.

Opinions of the audience members concerning the serial

According to the reviews published on various websites, the serial is considered to be a project with some average results. On Metacritic, the serial was evaluated in practically 45 points from 100.
Average results can be reckoned also a kind of success. In this case, it is no as great as the developers might have expected. But it seems like being enough for developing new episodes.
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Can we expect the appearance of the sophomore chapter?

Much to the luck of admirers of this serial, Amazon understands the situation concerning this project. The producers of the giant network and home for the entire abundance of films and serials believe that the creators of this show will be capable of catching up with what they have missed in the previous season while developing the new one. So the serial is resumed for another chapter. This news came to us as far back as in the previous year.
However, so far we have no data about the Hand of God season 2 release date. So we should be ready to receive breaking news from day to day.


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