Hand of God 2 Season Release Date

Hand of God 2 season release date

Hand of God 2 season release date was scheduled. The information is given below.

Amazon American TV channel offered to your attention the new crime drama called Hand of God. What to expect from Hand of God 2 season premiere?
The Plot:
The story begins with a very tragic incident – Pernell Harris Jr. was raped in front of her husband. Unable to find the perpetrator and to make all the pain, let the man shot himself in the mouth. But a suicide attempt is unsuccessful (if that can be considered at all), and the bullet is deflected by a few millimeters, which introduces man into a coma. However, the father of the man – an influential judge Pernell Harris seems to be the only person who believes that his son can wake up. In addition, the judge starts to hear different voices and believed that God himself begins to him to solve crimes.

Hand of God 2 season release date

The main theme of the series is a religious mystic show, at which time we want to believe, but common sense does not allow this judgment to be.
The series is starring such actors as Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy), Dana Delaney (Body of Proof), Garret Dillahunt (Fidelity), Alona Tal (Lie to Me) and others.
Hand of God 2 season release date must be expected at fall of 2016.
There is no some information about Hand of God 2 season release date on DVD and Bluray.
While waiting, please watch Hand of God 1 season trailer:

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