Halt and Catch Fire Season 4

Halt and Catch Fire is a period drama TV series created in USA and initially released on American television. It started quite long ago – in the beginning of summer of 2014. If you’re willing to know when will it start again, and don’t want to miss the new episode, scroll down further.


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The show concentrate on the computer tech revolution of the 80-s. This time is shown through the eyes of the fictional character. These years are one of the most important for the technological revolution – that’s the period of development of the World Wide Web. The first couple of season was set in the Silicon Valley.


Halt and Catch Fire is a title made up of the abbreviation HCF. This abbreviation is a machine code instruction used as a humorous exaggeration of computer’s central processing being shut down due to some technical troubles.
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Critical Response

Season 1 got numerous positive reviews both from critics and viewers. Metacritic gave it 69 rating points out of possible 100 basing on the reviews of 30 viewers. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 78% and 7.3 points average rating out of 10 possible basing on the reviews of 40 users. Halt and Catch Fire was called a refreshing period drama with nice acting of a very talented cast. Halt and Catch Fire demonstrates a past that is not-too-distant from nowadays. It’s got an unusual and also distinctive visual imagery. It certainly has its brand identity that makes it stand out of a mass of other drama TV projects. Characters are dynamic.
Season 2 turned out to be even better than the previous one. It got 73 points rating from Metacritic and 94% from Rotten Tomatoes with 8.3 points average rating out of 10 possible. Second season received a number of upgrades and improvements in the plot. The show was several times called terrific due to the quality that has gone up significantly.
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Season 3 also enjoyed stable ratings.

Fourth Season Release Date

In the end of summer of 2014, AMC prolonged Halt and Catch Fire series for season 2. Second season air date was the 31st of May 2015. The new episode of the third season was released on the 21st of August 2016. Unfortunately, the fourth season is planned to be the last one. Halt and Catch Fire season 4 started airing on the 10th of October 2016.


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