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Halcyon Season 2 Release Date


Halcyon is a science TV serial, which has the fiction elements. The season premiere was not so long ago and now we are ready to present the most outstanding season with lots of great events. The Halcyon 2 Season release date is the 14th of October in the year of 2016, so you can watch it at any suitable time for you.


Talking about that serial, it is important to mention the most outstanding people in the cast. That will help you to understand, what the serial will be and that you must watch it from the beginning till the end. So, here we will mention:

  • Lisa Marcos.
  • Andrew Di Rosa.
  • Michael Therriault.
  • Cody Ray Thompson.

The director of the serial is Benjamin Arfmann. The music is created by Joseph Murray, Melon Music, Lodewjik Vos. It is designed by Danielle Sahota.


The events of that serial took place in the 21st century, so a lot of people will estimate it. Here the Halcyon has portrayed and the virtual reality, which affects the household technology. The Virtual Reality Crimes Unit is shown here in the first place, so the policeman did their work on the highest level in order to reach the aim.

In the Main roles you will see 4 detectives and now they want to investigate the murders, which were caused earlier. To be honest, it is very difficult even for such professional group of people, but they believe, that, if they work too much the result of their work will be outstanding.


If you like to see the serials, in which science fiction, crime drama, and cyberpunk will have the place, this one will be the most unforgettable for you. You must start watching from the first episode of the first season because it will help you to enjoy the beautiful play of Actors and the Main idea, which plays the most important role here.

Pay attention, that only adult can watch the new episode of the serial.

When the season air date is your Main aim, you can name it, according to the data of this article.

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