Grimm Season 6 Release Date

Grimm Season 6 Release Date


Grimm season 5 closed on May 20, 2016, and its introduction increased 4.03 million viewers. As said above, NBC has effectively reported the restoration of the heavenly dramatization arrangement for a next season.

Grimm season 6 release date was announced by NBC for October  28, 2016. It seems that the release date of Grimm season 6 on Bluray and DVD will happen in December of 2016. Let’s wait for the official update from the producers of the show.


David Giuntoli (Nick), Bitsy Tulloch (Juliette Silverton), Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe), and others will return in Grimm season 6 premiere.


Events of this series takes place in modern American city of Portland. The film’s protagonist – a police detective Nick Burckhardt, who with his partner investigate the murder. Nick soon lost his parents, his aunt brought Marie, who shortly before his death had time to tell the truth about his nephew and his family gave him a mysterious key. So Nick learned that it belongs to the family makeup, medieval hunters evil that have terrible gift – to see the original guises of supernatural beings, whether Rippers, foxtail, or witches. And now, Nick will have to deal with these creatures, just as his ancestors had done.

Each episode of Grimm season 6 is a complete new Story, often based on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. However, there are also adaptations of oriental fairy tales, legends and even the Latin American voodoo beliefs. In the series, there are also common to all the episodes of the Story line, connected with the struggle of the royal families of power, so that the audience does not have to be bored. Especially in the beginning of each episode in the credits we see a quote from a fairy tale or a legend, which gives us the key to the mysteries of the series.

Interesting Facts

  • In the 6th season of Grimm the police in Portland will be a key figure in the war between Fairytale Beings;
  • By the way, the last series of the 5th season was shown in May of 2016, which suggests to us that the series was extended before the show premiere episodes;
  • Interestingly, in the series there are often used German terms for beings or their abilities. Some of them are actually mentioned in folk tales, but the majority were designed specifically for the show, but never used in everyday speech. Not to mention the fact that often, these words are formed from two separate words, but written or spoken with errors. However, it allows to realize on screen echoes the medieval atmosphere;
  • It is believed that the idea of Grimm for the showrunner was prompted the audience at one of the Comic-Cons. Rather, the creators offered the audience to develop the idea that it would be if the Brothers Grimm lived in the modern Portland (this city is considered to be a refuge for American bohemia), and as a result the idea of the Grimm came up – a family that for centuries protected the human world by supernatural beings. Over time, of course, it has been worked out in some detail the mythology of the series. For example, viewers will learn that not all Grimms have abilities that allow them to see monsters. There are those in which the gift was never wakes up;
  • Grimm season 6 is a popular TV series, both united in their TV screens more than 4 million viewers in the US alone. Given the growing popularity of the series and in other countries, this figure has long had time to be multiplied by 2 and you can say for sure, it will rise.

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