Grimm: Season 5

The TV show titled Grimm has been assumingly extended for the 5th season. This fantasy drama deals with supernatural events occuring in Portland. Let us see what the detective story will bring to the viewers of the NBC channel.
Right now, there has been no official confirmation regarding the show’s future episodes. We only know that it is between NBC and TNT to decide whethere there will be a sequel or not. Meanwhile, fans of the show all around the world have high hopes and great expectations regarding the upcoming episodes. If everything is arranged to their benefit, then we will be able to see Grimm: season 5 this fall.
Program manager and VP of the Turner Broadcasting System, Deborah K. Bradley, has confessed that it would be beneficial to the TNT network to broadcast the show. From the number of viewers (about 5.3 million and probably more), it is understandable that the series have high demand among the audience. She also added that she was waiting for the final decision from the people at the very top of the network to be able to provide any precise answers on Grimm.
We assume that the release date of the Grimm TV series will be in fall 2015.
What is your guess as to whether the show will be extended?

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