Grey’s Anatomy Season 14

Some Essential Facts

Showcasing the lives of surgeons as they are, Grey’s Anatomy has proved to become the leading medical drama throughout the whole world. Created by Shonda Rhimes, the series has got multiple award victories in various nominations that they cannot be even counted for the fulsomely successful 11-year broadcast on the ABC channel.

Dated back to 2005, the first season premiere made us dive into the personal and professional troubles appearing in the lives of interns, newcomers of the hospital situated in Seattle, who have grown up to brilliant surgeons operating people with unimaginable wounds and diseases.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 date release

Shondaland and The Mark Gordon Company are companies behind the development. The latest season release date is September 22, 2016. The first part has been already shown. The second one is waiting in the wings.

The acting cast is star-studded and beloved one:

  • Ellen Pompeo,
  • Chandra Wilson,
  • Patrick Dempsey,
  • Justin Chambers,
  • Kevin McKidd,
  • Sarah Drew,
  • Jessica Capshaw and others

Narrative Specifics

Meredith Grey chose to work as a surgeon following her mother, as she was a famous cardio surgeon but died from Alzheimer disease. Together with other interns, she enters the hospital in Seattle in order to come up the career ladder of a doctor. Not only has their professional growth served as a theme for depiction but also their romantic involvements and dramatic events in their lives.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14

Fully a Hit

The 11 years of broadcast have offered amazingly dramatic thirteen seasons to us. Though the rating decline is a conspicuous part of the long broadcast, the series still widely popular around the whole globe.

The latest airing kept garnering about 8.7 million watchers with the release of each new episode. The current score on IMDb constitutes excellent 7.7 out of 10. The number of awards is enriched every year when another so-expected return takes place.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14

Following Updates

The highly appraised veteran of the ABC channel is going to appear on screens again at the start of the upcoming year. This will be the second part of season 13. As for the renewal for cycle 14, nothing has been uttered by the developers concerning it. Yet the high level of popularity is destined to inspire Shonda to keep conveying great ideas.

The Grey’s Anatomy season 14 release date is not yet announced and there is no essence in guessing why. It is too early for such things. We may become aware of the revival and the new season air date only next year. Stay tuned for other updates that touch the line of events of the upcoming January part of episodes.

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