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Greenleaf TV drama series produced for American television. The creator and author of the original idea is Craig Wright. The executive producer is Oprah Winfrey together with Lionsgate Television. Oprah also acts as one of the characters. Clement Virgo directs the project. He is also the executive producer. The stars of Greenleaf are Keith David, Merle Dandridge and Lynn Whitfield. The premiere episode of the show was released by Oprah Winfrey Network on the 21st of June 2016.


The plot of the series revolves around the unscrupulous way of life of the Greenleaf family. It’s full of scandals and constant lies. It keeps its personal secrets deep in the closet, but strange and unpredictable events make everything that had been hidden for so long get out on the surface. A lot of the action takes place in Memphis church visited mostly by African-Americans. The main character in the series is Bishop James Greenleaf (portrayed by Keith David), the patriarch of the family. His wife and a matriarch of the family is named Lady Mae Greenleaf (portrayed by Lynn Whitfield). Grace Greenleaf (portrayed by Merle Dandridge) is their enigmatic daughter who gets home after 20 years of absence. Her sister, Faith, died in extremely strange circumstances 20 years ago.
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Cast & Characters

  • Keith David portrays the protagonist – Bishop James Greenleaf. He’s the father of the family. A very charismatic person able to manipulate other people. That’s what makes him the leader in his church.
  • Lynn Whitfield portrays Lady Mae Greenleaf. His wife.
  • Merle Dandridge portrays Grace Greenleaf, nicknamed Gigi. Bishop’s middle daughter. 20 years ago she escaped after the mysterious death of her sister.
  • Desiree Ross portrays Sophia Greenleaf – Gigi’s daughter, a teenager.
  • Lamman Rucker portrays Jacob Greenleaf. Bishop’s son, the eldest among his siblings.
  • Kim Hawthorne portrays Kerissa Greenleaf. A local school principal. She’s persistent and ambitious, willing to have everything under her constant control. Jacob’s wife.
  • Deborah Joy Winans plays the role of Charity Greenleaf-Satterlee. Bishop’s young daughter.
  • Tye White plays the role of her husband, Kevin Satterlee.
  • Oprah Winfrey portrays Mavis McCready. She’s the owner of the local club and Lady Mae’s sister.
  • Gregory Alan Williams plays the role of Robert McCready, nicknamed Mac. He’s Lady Mae’s brother.
  • Lovie Simone plays the role of Zora Greenleaf, Jacob and Kerissa’s daughter.
  • Terri J. Vaughn plays the role of the chief in the mansion of Greenleaf family.
  • Benjamin Patterson acts as Noah Kendall. Former Gigi’s love interest. He’s a manager in Greenleaf Estate and the head of church Security.
  • Anna Diop portrays Isabel. Engaged to Noah. A teacher.
  • Bill Cobbs portrays Henry McCready. Gigi’s granddad.

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The first season turned out to be extremely successful due to the characters portrayed by Merle Dandridge and Keith David. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 79% rating basing on 18 critical reviews. The average rating of Greenleaf is 6.9 out of 10 possible. It was many time called a unique megachurch spiritual setting combined with juicy and emotional soap in provocative atmosphere. The reviews are mostly favourable, so it’s really worth seeing.

Release Date

In spring of this year, the series was prolonged for season 2. The release date hasn’t been set yet.


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