Graves Season 2


Graves is a TV series with comedy effects. It was made and created in America and the season premiere was on October in the year of 2016. If you want to see, what happened next, the new season will be available for you. The Graves 2 Season release date is the 19th of November in the year of 2016.


The cast of Actors will be unusual. But you will be interested in this serial because here a lot of talented Actors will appear. Here we must underline the following people:

  • Nick Nolte.
  • Skylar Astin.
  • Helene Yorke.
  • Chris Lowell.
  • Callie Hernandez.
  • Sela Ward.
  • Ernie Hudson.

The directors are Iain B. MacDonald, Bob Balaban, Joshua Michael Stern, Robert B. Weide, Frank Coraci. The producers are Andrew Balek, Bill Hill, Keith Eisner, Abby Gewanter, Lisa Parsons, Greg Shapiro, Eric Weinberg, Robin Jonas, Robin Thomas. The editors are Christian Kinnard and Tom Wilson.


In the center of this show, you will see the ex-President of the US by the name of Richard Graves He lives his office since 20 years and only now he realized, that he made the wrong decisions, while he was on that post. He has a great wife by the name Margaret and she likes to work in their office because she is rather an intelligent person. Each time she has a lot of work in her office and her Main aim is to overturn the damaging police.

The thoughts about his mistake worried Richard and all the time he thought of how to solve the problem like that without any special problems. And it wasn’t so easy for him, as you could understand. But with help of his smart and talented wife he turned his dream into reality and that’s so good.


If you want to spend your free time with pleasure, you can do it, while watching this real cinema masterpiece. Everything in this serial is good – Actors, play, and the Story. Adults will be satisfied with the new episode, but if you are looking for a serial, which will amaze all your family, we can`t say, that this one will be the best idea for you and the people, whom you like. You wouldn’t be dull while watching.

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Graves Season 2 2

Graves: Episode 3 – Old vs. New President I EPIX

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