Grantchester Season 3

Tat’s an ITV drama series. It depicts the time of the 50-s in a small village not far away from Cambridge. The first episode was released in 2014. The center of the plot is Sidney Chambers (portrayed by James Norton) – Anglican vicar. He slowly develops a sideline with a detective named Geordie Keating (portrayed by Robson Green). The show is based on the book written by James Runcie. The script was created by Daisy Coulam and the director of Grantchester is Harry Bradbeer. The first season was filmed on the base of the first six stories from the original book. The second one finished in spring this year. If you’re willing to get info on the renewal or possible broadcasts, scroll down to the very bottom of the article to know more.

Plot in Brief

The protagonists of the series are Anglican priest (in the past he was a Scots Guards officer). His name’s Sidney Chambers (played by James Norton) and the hardworking Detective Inspector Geordie Keating (played by Robson Green). He turns out to be an unlikely priest’s partner. They cooperate in order to work criminal cases. Chambers is sensitive with good intuition and Keating is extremely serious, stubborn and methodical. Their approach is a mix of intuitive techniques and carefully gathered info from eyewitnesses and suspects.

Cast and Characters

  • James Norton acts as the Sidney Chambers – an Anglican priest (Scots Guards officer in the past). Unpredictably, he gets involved in investigations of crimes.
  • Robson Green acts as Detective Inspector Geordie Keating. Participated in World War II. He’s smart and thoughtful realizing and deeply understanding the reasons that make people murder other people. He’s got a wife named Cathy and four kids.
  • Morven Christie acts as Amanda Kendall. She works in one of the popular picture galleries in London. She has been acquainted to Chambers for a long time. She’s been in love with him, but had no chance to continue their relationships, cause her dad had his personal plans on her romantic and family life. He made her marry another man and she didn’t have a chance to refuse. Her mother couldn’t change it cause she died. Amanda also has two brothers younger than her.
  • Tessa Peake-Jones acts as Mrs. Maguire. She’s Chambers’ housekeeper. She’s religious and very kind-hearted. Chambers is like a son to her, but she’s often bossy with him. Her life was hard – she has lost he nearest and dearest. This sometimes provokes her anger and bitterness, but everyone understands it cause she’s a very likable person with the biggest heart.
  • Al Weaver acts as Leonard Finch. Earlier he was one of the teachers in the school for girls, but later became a member of the church. He’s also Chambers’ curate. Na?ve and sensitive.

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Release Date Info

The third season has already been commissioned and now it’s being filmed. Grantchester is getting back for its third season in 2017. The exact release date is yet to be scheduled, don’t miss the news!


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