Grand Designs Season 18

Grand Designs Season 18 Release Date


Grand Designs is a British TV serial, which was produced by Boundless Productions. The season premiere was in the year of 1999 and now the fans can see the continuation of the Story. The Grand Designs 18 Season release date is the 13th of October in the year of 2016.


To talk about the cast, it is important to mention the following people:

  • Kevin McCloud.
  • Jeremy Till.
  • Sarah Wigglesworth.
  • Chris Ostwald.

The directors of the serial are Ned Williams, Claire Lasko, Max Baring. Among the producers, we must mention John Silver, Ed Stobart, John Lonsdale, Fiona Caldwell, Reece Watkinson, Michael Ratcliffe, Mike Arnott, Orlando Fowler.


In that serial, you will be shown the process of house building. But before the building will be started, you will see the project in the form of computer visualization. So people, who are the orders, can estimate the result and propose the changes, which will improve the future building.

Here people, who have a dream to build their own houses will see, that nowadays there are a lot of styles and designs and they make the architecture unforgettable and really beautiful. If you have a wish, you will know everything about sustainable architecture, converted water towers and building for industrial aims. Also here you will know all the peculiarities of underground structures.

The team of professionals will be in the center of attention, so you will have an opportunity to see, how the specialists must work. They try to use a lot of modern construction methods in order to make the houses beautiful and functional. So, during the watching, you will have an opportunity to find out, what is the best method and why must you use it by your own.


The running time of each new episode is approximately 46-49 minutes, so you will watch it without any lack of time. Professional builders and ordinary people will be very excited with this, so you must watch it immediately.

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