The Graham Norton Show Season 21

The Graham Norton Show Season 21 Release Date


The Graham Norton Show is a British comedian TV show, which was created in the United Kingdom. The season premiere was in the year of 2009 and for many years the show becomes very popular in different countries. Nowadays people can watch the 21st season of it. The Graham Norton Show 21 Season release date is the 24th of October in the year of 2016.


This season of the serial will present you a lot of talented people. Here among them you may recognize the following cast:

  • Graham Norton.
  • Ricky Gervais.
  • Miranda Hart.
  • John Bishop.
  • Daniel Radcliffe.
  • Ed Byrne.
  • James McAvoy.

The new season of the serial is directed by Steve Smith, Geraldine Dowd, Nikki Parsons, Steve Smith. The producers of the serial are Jon Magnusson, Pete Snell, Catherine Strauss, Rina Dayalji, Paul Malone, Renee Jamieson, Vicky Taylor, Kate Radcliffe.


This show has the most usual format because it is presented in the form of Irish comedy. The first role here is produced by Graham Norton, who is already known for many people by his cooperation with the 4th Channel. In his own show, which we describe now, he will interview different celebrities and try to find out the new information, which will be Interesting and useful for the viewers. Every time he discusses the new topics and trends, also he performs new sketches. Regularly his show will present you musical performance`s and they will amaze the people of different ages. Here you will see a new era, in which different participation segments will appear. While watching it you will have a great aesthetic delight.


People, who have different idols among popular people, will be glad to see the show of such character because here all the new information about the stars is presented in rather an unusual manner.

To be honest, that serial will help you to relax and just watch the facts from the lives of outstanding people. We are sure, that a lot of information will be new for you.

The running time of each new episode is 45 minutes, so you can watch episode by episode every day.

When the season air date is your Main aim, you can name it, according to the data of this article. 

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