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Gotham. Season 4 Release Date


Gotham is an American crime, which was developed by Bruno Heller. The plot is based on the DC Comics. Here the creators are James Gordon and Bruce Wayne. Such serial will be interesting for people of all ages, especially we must underline the fourth season.


First of all, you must pay attention to the cast. Here you can see:

  • Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue.
  • David Mazouz and Zabryna Guevara.
  • Sean Pertwee and Robin Lord Taylor.
  • Erin Richards and Camren Bicondova.
  • Cory Michael Smith and Victoria Cartagena.
  • Andrew Stewart-Jones and John Doman.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith and Morena Baccarin.
  • James Frain and Jessica Lucas.
  • Chris Chalk and Drew Powell.
  • Nicholas D’Agosto and Michael Chiklis.
  • Maggie Geha and Benedict Samuel.

The composers of the serial are Graeme Revell and David Russo. The executive producers are Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon. As for the producers, here we can mention Rebecca Perry Cutter.


The events of the fourth season take place 6 months later. Here we can see Gordon, who become a bounty hunter. He works in Indian Hill and he wanted to end his experiments and return home. But when he returned, he noticed, that his sister is lost, so he tried to find her on his own.


That serial is an action crime. At the beginning, we can see, how good everything goes, but then the deals changed in one second. If you like such plots, the fourth season of such serial will be very interesting for you.

One episode lasts approximately 45-50 minutes. So we can say, that it is like little films, each of them is full of exciting events.

Pay attention, that the Gotham season 4 release date is the 6th of October this year. So you can enjoy it at all.

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