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Gotham: Season 2


A new TV series about the old mysterious city. How did it all begin? The story begins with a young detective named James Gordon who has stepped onto the path of war for the sake of his own city. He meets¬† Bruce Wayne who has lost his parents at the early age, also with Penguin, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. Gotham Season 2 release date will reveal to us all the childhood secrets of both heroes and villains. It doesn’t matter how scary and dark the world is, there will be sooner or later light for us!


In January 2014, it was announced that Donal Logue will join the actors' crew as Harvey Bullock. In February 2014, Ben McKenzie joined the series as James Gordon. Later that month, it was announced that the show will resume its production in March 2014 in New York. In early March 2014, David Mazouz was appointed for the role of Bruce Wayne, and a bit later, Camren Bicondova was confirmed to play Selina Kyle. In 2014, at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, John Cunningham (VP-Marketing for DC Comics) said that Renee Montoya will be one of the series' characters.


A new officer at the Gotham police department, detective James Gordon, along with his partner Harvey Bullock, are appointed as the head of Gotham police department investigating the murder of Sarah Essen, but the most resonant murder of the last years is that of Thomas and Martha Wayne. During his investigation, Gordon meets the son of the diseased, Bruce Wayne, who, following his parents' death, has been under good care of his butler Alfred. "Friendship" with Bruce, which will last all their lives, plays a significant role in the boy's development as the protector of Gotham, as he is destined to become the one. At the same time as the murder investigation goes, Gordon has to fight the head of a local gang, Fish Mooney, and also with the future villains of Gotham – Selina “Cat” Kyle and Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot.

The series itself has multiple references to another show — Arrow. For example, one can spot the office of the Queen Consolidated company of memorable green.

Interesting Facts

In early September, Netflix has acquired the rights to broadcast the Gotham series both in the US and on the international market from the Warner studio.

Drew Powell was invited to play Butch Gilzean, the second in charge of the Fish Mooney gang, and Clare Foley as Ivy Pepper, whose character is based on Poison Ivy from the comics. Sara Paxton has also joined the project as Bette Kane.

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