Good Morning Call Season 2 Release Date

Good Morning Call Season 2 Release Date


Good Morning Call season 2 is the TV adaptation of the super-well known manga was serialized in Shuueisha’s Ribbon magazine from 1997 to 2002, and was adjusted into an OVA in 2001. The spin-off, Good Morning Kiss, began serialization in 2006 in Cookie magazine is as yet going solid today.

Good Morning Call season 2 release date was scheduled by Netflix for the early spring of 2017. All episodes of the second season will be available on the first day.


Good Morning Call season 1 cast was completely delightful. The science and competing between the two leads is genuinely captivating stuff, with both Haruka Fukuhara as Nao and Shunya Shiraishi as Uehara nailing parts that figure out how to be totally diverse to each other, but their relationship is acceptable in an "opposites are inclined toward one another" feeling of the world.

The cast of Good Morning Call season 2 premiere will incorporate Haruka Fukuhara as Nao Yoshikawa, Shunya Shiraishi as Hisashi Uehara, Moe Arai as Marina Konno, Kentaro as Icchan, and Kouya Nagasawa as Jun Abe.


Good Morning Call season 2 on Netflix is a comic drama TV arrangement that depends on a young lady’s manga arrangement that kept running from 1997 to 2002. It stars Nao, a 17 year old secondary school young lady who needs to live without anyone else’s input, after her folks move out to the field, so she can complete her studies in the city. She finds an astounding loft at a shabby cost. It sounds pipe dream, and it ends up being that way; an unscrupulous land specialist leased the spot out twice, and Uehara, the most Mainstream kid in school, has additionally been hoodwinked. Instead of attempt and discover some place new to live, and move once more, the two choose to live respectively as housemates… and that kickstarts an entire arrangement of satire as the two attempt and conceal the circumstance from others, manage each other’s bothering peculiarities, and afterward Nao builds up a smash on Uehara.

You can see contrasts, both unobtrusive and clear, in the way this arrangement approaches its amusingness when contrasted with American sitcoms. It’s more talky, it’s not dependent on a giggling track and the sort of catchphrase conveyance beat that American sitcoms depend on to keep the gathering of people intrigued. It’s additionally more blameless than the raunch you can envision that the American equal would get up to. For sure, the western rendition of this ought to would move things to school residences and drop the garbs, since where Japan’s Good Morning Call is sweet and honest around its sentiment topics, the theoretical American form would battle powerfully to avoid sexualising the same situation. And afterward it would be dreadful that the heroes are still at secondary school.

Interesting Facts

  • Good Morning Call season 2 extremely Japanese sort of parody, loaded with situational funniness and very misrepresented conduct from the performing artists to make a component of physical drama. From the beginning the misrepresentation will imply that this diversion isn’t for everybody, except in the event that it clicks you’ll see it senseless and enchanting and diverting at the same time;
  • The series was launched in Japan on February 12, 2016, and will be accessible on Japanese spilling locales Fuji TV on Demand and then on Netflix.

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Good Morning Call Season 2 Promo 3

Nao ? Uehara || I Really Like You

Uehara x Yoshikawa ( Good Morning Call ) – Only After You

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