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Professional filmmakers have recently released a new series, while reviving the older story of the 1980s. In recent years, this trend has become increasingly popular, because cinema is full of interesting shows, made at an earlier time, and today, thanks to high-quality special effects such projects receive a second life. As it is, for example, with the American series Good Behavior, the first season of which is still being broadcasted on TV channel TNT. This part of the series is not over yet, but the fans are already asking questions about when Good Behavior season 2 is going to be presented. Release date of this drama series is still unknown, but if the series will be renewed this is sure to happen not earlier than 2017. The coming of the continuation is really being awaited, and the return of the new episode would bring much pleasure to the show lovers.
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Production Info

The first season air date was presented on November 15, 2016. The script is borrowed form another Letty Dobesh’s show shot in 1980s. The current season consists of 10 episodes.
The creators of the project are Blake Crouch and Chad Hodge; executive producers of the series are:

  • Marty Adelstein;
  • Chad Hodge;
  • Becky Clements.

The companies which are distributing Good Behavior and are likely to present the new season release date are Tomorrow Studios, Studio T and Storyland. The channel responsible for the broadcasting of the current season all the following season start is TNT, a respected American TV network.

Brief Review and Cast

Good Behavior Season 2 Spoiler
The main character of the project is Letty Dobesh (played by an actress of an English origin Michelle Dockery). This woman once got into trouble and had to serve her sentence in prison. After returning to the society she is forced to meet with her son only for a limited time. The role of her mother Estelle, concealing the child is played by an American actress Lusia Strus. But in the life of the unfortunate girl there are new circumstances that make the heroine face new dangerous incidents and stand on a road with a killer.
The next season premiere is likely to continue telling about Letty’s ordeals and the ways she is going to overcome all her difficulties.

Rating and Possible Continuation

The pilot new season on TNT was watched by the audience of about 810.000 viewers and got a number of positive reviews from both the public and critics. On IMDB Good Behavior has gained 8.2/10 score, and this figure is vey high for the starting part. Season two will probably be renewed soon, but the authors haven’t made any finale announcements, so follow the schedule and be the first to know the last producers’ decision regarding the continuation.


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