Good Behavior Season 1 Release Date

Good Behavior Season 1 Release Date


The Main character in Good Behavior season 1 episode 1 is a professional thief and swindler, who recently released from prison, but does not intend to tie with its "specialization." She happens to overhear a planned attempt on some poor woman, then Lettie going to upset plans for the killers. She meets a killer and very soon for obvious reasons their relationship become dangerous and complicated character.

Good Behavior season 1 release date was announced for September in 2016 on TNT. However, there is some news about the release date of Good Behavior season 1 premiere on DVD and Bluray in December of 2016.


In Good Behavior season 1 episode 1 you will see Michelle Dockery, known from the projects – Hogfather and Downton Abbey and Juan Diego Botto – El Greco, Pirates of the Aegean Sea.


The events in the series revolves around an adventurous young lady – Dobes Letty whose business is the art of stealing. The thief has managed to serve for his criminal fishing, but was set free without remorse drop. Letty and intends to continue to do the same illegal trade. Suddenly she accidentally discovers that one killer offered to kill someone’s wife. Dobes decides to prevent this crime, which met personally with the mercenary. And soon breaks out a real passion between them. What does the dangerous romantic relationship?

Interesting Facts

  • The first season of Good Behavior will consist of 10 episodes;
  • Good Behavior season 1 release is an adaptation of the cycle of the writer’s novels Blake Crouch "Letty Dobes" and the screenwriter is Chad Hodge;
  • Both of them are the creators of the popular mystical thriller Wayward Pines which critics often compared to a cult project Twin Peaks directed by David Lynch;
  • After the airing of the second season of Downton Abbey, Michelle Doherty was nominated for Emmys as The Best Actress in a Drama Series, this role and earned her two nominations for "Golden Nymph" International TV Festival in Monte Carlo;
  • In December of 2015, TNT cable channel has ordered the shooting of the criminal and detective drama Good Behavior season 1 that was previously neglected in development.

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