Gold Rush Season 7

Now, the legendary brand reality show “Gold Rush” is returning with the seventh season after a long break. Lucky are the fans of the show! The exact date of the launch remains, however, still unknown.

A retrospective journey to the history of the project

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So what does this show is all about? If we look at the title of the project, we can assume at once that it must be about gold mining. And it really is about people who work as gold miners in Yukon, Canada.
The opening of the project took place on Discovery Channel at the end of 2013. The series is at the current moment at its sixth stage.
Paul Christie gives the narration. Only one person presents the executive team. His name is Christo Doyle. The production company is Raw Television.
And now, let’s get closer to the essence of the show. Those people who are searching for gold in the depths of our planet are chasing the American dream of becoming a wealthy and successful person. This idea seems to be catching for the audience if we take a peek into the popularity level of the project.
As we are aware now, the first part of the series takes place in Alaska. The Canada region was set for exploring in the following seasons.
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The essence of the show consists in dividing the participants into several groups. Each group is given a territory to explore. These territories vary in the level of accessible gold.
The mining teams include experienced and skilled members as well as newcomers. Among the experienced ones, we should note the appearance of Todd Hoffman, who is considered to be a child of one of the most famous gold hunters of the 80s, in the previous year. Todd took over his father’s business. Tony Beet and John Schnabel are also members of the mining crews. All of them should get the greenhorns (Michael Halstead, Jim Thurber, Chris Doumitt, and Dave Turin) up to speed right during the work.

Ratings and renewals

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A great success comes with all the seasons. The regular audience of the show counts about 5 million members. That is nothing but a public approval.
The sixth season of Gold Rush trumped all of its TV rivals on the other channels in prime time. Thus, there is a high possibility that we will have another renewal announced again by the developers.
Just a few days ago, the producers of Discovery Channel presented the new slate of their airing. Notably, they revealed the renewals of a large number of projects they broadcast. Among these projects was the reality show “Gold Rush”.
As we are unaware of the Gold Rush season 7 release date, we highly recommend that you keep abreast of the situation to be notified about the day of the premiere and other interesting details about the upcoming show straight from the reliable sources.


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