Glue Season 2

With an extraordinary idea for portrayal, the drama entitled shortly as “Glue” is referred to the highest-rated project on its home channel called E4. The series is compiled of only one season with its future being yet to be shaped by the creative team. Stay tuned in order to be notified about the series fate in future.

Brief review of the whole project

Broadcasted on E4, the series appeared for the first and now so far the latest time amidst autumn 2014. The attention from viewers was deserved due to the extraordinary core of the story. So what is this core? Let’s revise this issue.
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As for the short review of the story, we can propose you the following: it is about the careless life of teenagers as they find the essence of their lives in debauchery, alcohol, and even toxic fumes. Therefore, the story is much poignant and its principal goal is to raise awareness among the members of the international society as the scopes of the problem are on a global level. Now let’s penetrate into detailing the story.

Plunging into the story particulars

The teenagers living in one small village lead a carefree life being addicted to alcohol, and other bad habits. However, one day, the lives of residents of the whole settlement experienced the unexpected twists. The thing is that a young man dies under the wheels of a tractor. This guy was a member of that group of teenagers.
Their secret is thus exposed and now they should take responsibility for this tragedy though indirectly. The investigation is thus started and with its course, more and more terrifying particulars of their lives are unraveled. What will this investigation result in? In order to answer this question, you should follow the series story from the very start. We won’t tell you the closure as it will be uninteresting for you to watch it. We can only promise to you that it will be unexpected indeed. It will change the life of all residents of the village forever.

As far as the renewal is concerned

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The premiere of the first and so far the latest season was held approximately two years ago and since then nothing inspiring has been heard from the members of the creative team.
The series ideas are actual indeed and therefore, should be exposed in the following seasons come rain or shine. We think you can agree with us. But the developers are keeping mum about the project future which leads to us starting doubting that the second season will ever take place sometime in the future as the hiatus is too long.
Taking into account, however, the series ratings, as well as the general response from critics as ordinary viewers, we cannot but note that the creators are just compelled to renew it and to announce then the Glue season 2 release date.
No matter how the situation is going to unfold, we should keep abreast of new installments in the case they come off. The cancellation is possible but let’s not be so pessimistic and hope for the better news.


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