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Can you imagine someone returning from the world of the dead and becoming the healthiest person in the world? The series “Glitch” actually has six of them. So the premise of the plot is apparently quite intricate and catchy. It makes the already announced second season interesting to follow with it already on its way.

About production details

The script of the series “Glitch”, written by Tony Ayres and Louise Fox, is made for filling the programming list on the ABC channel, referred to as the most popular TV networks in Australia. The series belongs to the mystery drama genre.
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Emma Freeman fulfills the directory duties with great prudence and applies a lot of effort. The behind-the-scene crew executives are Tony Ayres, Christopher Gist, and Carole Sklan who have contributed greatly.
With the brilliant filming crew, the series story is, of course, played  by experienced actors and actresses. The cast includes Patrick Brammall, Emma Booth, Rodger Corser, Genevieve O’Reilly, Sean Keenan, Ned Dennehy, Daniela Farinacci and Andrew McFarlane.
Thanks to Matchbox Pictures Pty Ltd., which has filmed the series, we had the luck to enjoy the debut of the first installment in middle summer 2015. It was only 6 episodes long.

Plot summary

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Unknown forces have made six people come back to the world of the living, turning them into the healthy humans.
At the first glance, these ghosts wrapped up in flesh and blood have no connection to each other. But Sergeant Hayes must get to the bottom of his unbelievable case after finding empty graves on the cemetery. The thing is, these undead beings have lost their memory and have no idea of their true nature themselves.
How can it be possible that the death has been replaced by life in such a way? There should be a good reason for them to reappear in our world. So what is that reason?
Who are they and for what purposes have they come back? Glitch is a moving and a rather emotional story about feelings, losses, the past and future. and what it really means to be a human being.

Is the next season a possibility?

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The only season we got to enjoy ended in August. However, the studio released breaking news about its imminent future some time later. That was future is rather promising for those who have taken a keen interest in the story as well as its possible continuations.
Relying on the positive feedback both from the critics’ and ordinary viewers’ sides, the producers made 6 more episodes in an attempt to develop the story as we watched it.
Though the scriptwriters are not willing to release most plot details in order to stir up the level of anticipation, they did leak some things. For example, the future locations, such as the gates of Noregard Pharmaceuticals and other mysterious regions. The Glitch’s second season release date is also undefined, so stay in touch with us to find out when it’s going to be out. At this point, Matchbox Pictures confirmed the second season comes out in 2017.

Update: Glitch Season 2 Status

We are pleased to reassure you that the second season is still scheduled for 2017. Although the exact release date is unknown, it possible to assume that a new episode will come out in late 2017. Though not official, that particular piece of information has been numerously reiterated, which makes it almost as good as official.
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