The Girlfriend Experience Season 2

The Girlfriend Experience. Season 2 Release Date


The second season of the Girlfriend Experience is an American drama. It was created by Amy Seimetz and directed by Lodge Kerrigan. In that season you will see Riley Keough in the role of Christine Reade. She is a student, who works as the escort of the high level.


The cast of the second season of the serial is not so big. Here we can name the main names and the recurring actors.

As for the main we must mention:

  • Riley Keough.
  • Paul Sparks.
  • Mary Lynn Raiskub.

The recurring actors are the following:

  • Kate Lyn Sheil.
  • Amy Seimetz.
  • Alexandra Castillo.
  • Sugith Varughese.
  • Sabryn Rock.
  • James Gilbert.

Each of them has the brilliant work experience, so it is rather good to see the beautiful cinema masterpiece, like the second season of that serial.

The executive producers are Philip Fleishman, Amy Seimetz, Lodge Kerrigan and Jeff Cuban.


The main character here is Christine Reade, who is a student without money. One day she decided to find the work and to earn enough money. She finds the place to work, but there was the only problem – it was escorted services. It was hard for her to make such step, but the absence of money was stronger than her. And in future her boss has a lot of problems, because all the sexual contacts and relationships were prohibited here.


This story is based on real events. It is very lively, so the girls of different ages must watch it. The duration of one episode is just 30 minutes, so it is very easy to enjoy it.

The Girlfriend Experience season 2 release date is the third August at the year of 2016. That story will be more interesting if you try so see it from the first season. Pay attention, that it is available on the internet, so now you can use it to spend your free time in a good company.

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