Our Girl Season 3

Our Girl Season 3 Release Date


Our Girl is a TV drama serial, which was made in Great Britain. Here you will see the Story about the young adult. The season premiere was in March in the year of 2013, but now we want to present the next season, which will excite you. The Our Girl 3 Season release date is the 7th of October this year.


The cast for such a serial is rather unusual. Here a lot of outstanding people with great work experience appear. So, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Ben Aldridge and Sean Ward.
  • Simon Lennon and Lawrence Walker.
  • Nick Preston and Lacey Turner.
  • Arinze Kene and Charley Palmer Rothwell.
  • Ade Oyefeso and Ivan Rheon.
  • Zubin Varla and Michelle Keegan.
  • Luke Pasqualino and Michael James.
  • Kirsty Everton and Tamer Burjag.
  • Becky Eggersglusz and Royce Pierreson.
  • Sean Gilder and Sean Sagar.
  • Rolan Bell and Linzey Cocker.
  • Molly Wright and Mark Armstrong.
  • Jed O`Hagan and Jack Parry-Jones.
  • Aubrey Shelton and Sean Gallagher.
  • Kerry Godliman and Keenan Arrison.
  • Adam Astill and Jonas Khan.
  • Flossy Grounds and Angela Lonsdale.
  • Ruth Sheen and Siwan Morris.
  • Chris New and Graham Curry.
  • Grant Crookes and Molly Logan.
  • Steven Elder and Mark Beswick.
  • George Turner and Lyle Davis.
  • Peter Landi and Caroline O`Neill.
  • Laura Anderson and Tilly Vosburgh.
  • Alice Patten and Likho Mango.
  • Connor Allen and Alexander Ellis.
  • Dineo Moeketsi and David Terry.
  • Michelle Asante and Judith Barker.

It is directed by Jan Matthys, Anthony Philipson, Richard Senior, Luke Snellin. The producers are Julie Clark, Caroline Skinner, Menzies Kennedy, Eric Coulter, Tony Grounds, Gail McQuillan, Mark Murdoch.


In the first episode, you will see Molly Dawes, who is an army medic in Afghanistan. He tries to help as more people, as she can and that is not so easy deal, as you can imagine it. Here you will also see a protagonist and a medical officer by the name Lance Corporal Georgie Lane. He had deployed the refugee camp, which took place in Kenyan war zone.

Each character here has his own features, so with help of them, you will estimate the plot and the aim of directors and producers.


The duration of the new episode can be different. Sometimes you will see the 60-minute episode, but in the other time here the 90-minute episode is available.

When you need the season air date, this article will help you.

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