Girl Meets World Season 4

The highly appraised sitcom about teenagers serves to expose the true difficulties of their lives including various crushes, a desire to find a place in the life, as well as ups and falls in relationships. This edgy period should be shown as it is to the public. The series has its social value, and consequently, has great chances of renewal for another fourth installment that is yet to be confirmed.

Sitcom Overview

Girl Meets World serves as a continuation of the similar sitcom Boy Meets World. Michael Jacobs and April Kelly are the lead persons in the team of developers. The release of the already third part is dated back to June 2016. The broadcast is held on Disney Channel, in particular. Currently, the fate of the fourth installment is not known.
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Plot Summary

The original show’s characters named Cornelius and Topanga are again on screens but here they are already performing the roles of parents being a married couple. Riley Mathews is their teenage daughter who navigates the life difficulties that are typical for people of this age.
Surely, there is no wondering why the life of Riley is not easy. Her father is her teacher at school while mom is always involved in her social life being the owner of a popular teenage hangout in New York City.
She has three best friends named Maya, Lucas, and Frankle. All of them pursue to find the meaning of life and their places in it. Among the teenage issues, all of them turn to be shown here starting from teenage crushes and ending in relationship ups and downs.

Critical Acclaim and High Scores

The series has a great social value teaching the young audience composed of teenagers of moral things. The series has been nominated for four awards within the three-season run. These are only the two proofs of the series worthiness. There are also some others in the store.

The critics have appraised the sitcom leaving their favorable reviews. Meanwhile, the viewership is impressive with 1.8 million watchers garnered in front of TV sets as for the info from the release of the latest season.
On IMDb, the score equals 7.1 points out of 10 while on Metacritic it is a bit lower – only 64. To sum it up, we are compelled to say that the series has its future. There are much more vital points to be presented to teenagers in this sitcom.

Renewal Can be Expected

As for now, the series fate is yet to be determined. Nevertheless, we should not worry about such things as renewals and the Girl Meets World season 4 release date. It is a bit earlier for such announcements. The chances are high indeed. Therefore, let’s enjoy the latest cycle where both Riley and Maya face a whole new set of challenges as they enter the exciting world of high school.
Stay tuned, however, in order to get notified of any changes in the situation with the sitcom. Follow us and you won’t miss anything regarding your favorite projects!


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