Gino`s Italian Escape Season 5

Gino`s Italian Escape Season 5 Release Date


Gino`s Italian Escape is a British documentary series, which will amaze you with the biggest amount of positive sides. The season premiere was on September in the year of 2013 and now you can see the new episodes of the 5th season. The Gino`s Italian Escape 5 Season release date is the 3rd of November in the year of 2016.


In the Main role in the cast, you will see Gino D`Acampo. He is a great person with good work experience and now he is ready to show his professionalism, so he decided to create the show like this.

The director of the serial is Jules Whomsley. The producers are Caroline Hewson, Miles Jarvis, Jules Whomsley, Paola Desiderio, Marco De Luca. The editors are Damian O`Neill, Mick Hitchman, Tim Waymouth, Duncan Cowan.


The Main attention of the Story is paid on D`Acampos. Here Gino travel around all the Italian cities and with help of his unusual lifestyle, he decided to present the ordinary viewers what the beauty is here and why Italy is the best place to relax and spend a great vacation.

Among the places of interests, you will see the local people and you will have a great wish to come here because they really like to meet the guests and to help them to estimate their country and traditions. Here Gino also makes an accent on local dishes and in the new season you will see different great restaurants, in which you can spend your free time with pleasure and without any problems. The most notable and savory dishes will be presented here, so you must be ready for it.

While watching it, you will understand, that Italy is a special country, in which a lot of amazing things happen. Here the region-specific entries will be shown and Gino will share this beauty with the audience. Each new episode is an experiment, so it is rather dazzling to follow him and to see the demonstration of cooking processes in the country of love.


You must pay attention, that the running time is approximately 30 minutes, so you can watch this show every day and your mood will be good, you can be sure in it. Besides, the new season of the serial will be Interesting for people of all the ages and social status.

When we talk about this serial, it is very important to mention about season air date.

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