Gilmore Girls Season 8

A long-running dramedy on Netflix titled “Gilmore Girsl” has got its regular upgrade this time in the form of the eighth season that is now under development. The concrete launch date remains undefined so far but we are aware that we are going to watch the new chapter later this particular year.

What should we know exactly about this brand serial?

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Making for the mixture of a serious yet laughing story, the dramedy under the title “Gilmore Girls” is portraying about two ladies, a mother and charming daughter. The production of the project was entrusted to Amy Sherman-Palladino. The main acting cast is composed of such actresses as Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel.
Primarily, the broadcast of the serial was held on the WB. After the launch of the final episode of the seventh chapter that serial was brought to an end, unfortunately. However, much to the luck of the serial fans, the story was captured by the giant network called Netflix. The order was made particularly in the previous year after the long break from 2007 year.

Narrative and main characters

So there are two ladies in the center of the plot. One of them is young mother named Lorelai Gilmore and the other is Rory, a teenager and a daughter to Lorelai. They are the residents of Connecticut, particularly of the small town called Stars Hollow that comes to be inhabited by people of various types with different goals in their lives. After leaving school, Rory enters the university where she starts her educational way much to the delight of her mother.

About ratings and cancellation of the story

The serial has a steady amount of fans that is changing only in the positive direction. You can be surprised now but low ratings is not the thing about this serial and not the reason for the project to be canceled by the producers of the aforementioned home channel titled CW (or WB). Moreover, it should be noted that the serial was nominated for a variety of awards and even got a victory in one of the nominations in Emmy award.
The supposed reason for the cancelation is reckoned to be only the lack of appropriate ideas to bring them to light in the future. The thing is that at the end of the seventh season Rory was on her following way of becoming an independent person who is not aiming to return and live with her mother.

Unexpected return

Gilmore Girls Season 8 Cast
It has been recently announced that this serial is to be broadcast in the form of its upcoming new episodes in the giant Netflix. Why have the producers of this network chosen this very serial for airing? This question cannot be now replied, in fact. Maybe, they have managed to find the way out of the situation that has taken place in the seventh season. Let’s hold out hope that this way out will be worth watching when the fresh chapter appears.
As for the Gilmore Girls season 8 release date, we have no information about this. But it is known that the serial will appear surely thus particular year.


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