My Giant Life Season 3


My Giant Life is an American reality TV, which appeared in the year of 2015. Here in the center, you will see people, who are of different age. They try to live their lives fully. And in the 3rd season premiere, you will see a lot of Interesting and exciting events. The My Giant Life 3 Season release date is the 2nd of July in the year of 2016.


In this serial, a lot of talented Actors in cast appear. They will amaze you with the beautiful play, so you must pay all your attention to them:

  • Haleigh Hampton-Carvalho.
  • Lindsay Kay Hayward.
  • Nance Mulkey.
  • Colleen Coco Smith.
  • John Bootz.
  • Dolores Bootz-Mulkey Kramer.
  • Bryan Carvalho.
  • Tay Hampton.
  • Mike Hayward.
  • Alan Mulkey.
  • Alan Kramer.
  • Ellen Roney-Derr.
  • Shea Foster.

The producers are Luke Ellis, Brent Barto, Vince Cunningham, Lauren Friedman, Shirley Jackson, Sara Reddy, Lauren Schwartz, Fiona Kennedy, Liz Abernethy, Brook Ellis, Mike Kane, Annie Leonard, Shauna Thomas. The cinematographers are Elizabeth Santoro, Boaz Freund, Christopher Walker, Brett Juskalian. The editors are David Dennick, Christina Vovas, Lorena David, Rebecca Short, Anna Dale, Christopher Mena, William Morris.


In the center of attention, this film will show you the people, who are very tall. They don’t think, that it is a great advantage, so a lot of problems appear in their lives. Here in the new season, you will see, how they try to come to dates because they hope to find the real love of their lives.

Also here will appear a lot of emotional problems. Tall people are struggling for their rights to be on one side with the others. They try to do different things in order to be on the one level with other people. Here each person believes, that if there is a wish to communicate with other people, there will be no problems with understanding.


That is the Story, where you will see ordinary people and their lives. They have good and bad days, but they never give up and they prefer to reach their aims.

The new episode will present you a little Story in 22 minutes.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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My Giant Life Season 3 1
My Giant Life Season 3 2

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My Giant Life

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