Ghosts of Shepherdstown Season 2

Ghosts of Shepherdstown Season 2 Release Date


The season premiere was last year. The events of that season of the serial took place in West Virginia. Here you can see the legendary past, so everything here looks familiar. Right now you can see the story of accidents, where a lot of ghosts are. The investigation team is a police department, which makes a lot of efforts to make the city of America calm and beautiful. See the season on Destination America channel.


There are a lot of talented actors, who play their roles here. But among them we must mention the main characters, which are the best cast ever:

Nick Groff as an investigator.

Bill Hartley as an investigator.

Lorie Johnson as Psychic Medium.

Mike King as Historical Researcher.

Dana Mitchell as Historical Researcher.

Elizabeth Saint as Investigator.

That serial is produced by Marianne Vogel Bender, Eric Christensen, Aaron Burk, Pat Lamela, Tucia Lyman, Mark Kadin, Will Ehbrecht. It was edited by Jonah Max and the production manager is Eric Bachman. The assistant editors are Laura A. Garcia, Parker Iller, and J. L. Rodriquez.


Here in the center of attention will be the paranormal disturbances.  People, who see the ghost, always call 911 and the investigators help them in this deal. Then a lot of strange things happen, especially one day when the body of the young woman was found in the river.

The police workers by the names Saint, Groff and Hartley want to find the guilty man. Each time, when something happens, they solve all the problems. But it wasn’t so easy for them and they do their work day by day.


The Ghosts of Shepherdstown 2 season release date is the 6th of August this year. That season air date is available nowadays. We can say, that it is reality-TV. The runtime of one new episode is 42 minutes. So you can enjoy the second season as long, as you want.

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