Ghost Brothers Season 2

Ghost Brothers is a documentary TV series created and released in the USA. The cast includes Kristina Kingston, Marcus Harvey, Juwan Mass and others. Fay Yu serves as the executive producer of the series. Every new episode of Ghost Brothers concentrates on three friends studying the paranormal exploring haunted locations adding a bit of a comedy to the things happening. Ghost Brothers season 2 release date is unknown yet, but the show is in the state of productions and certainly will be released in the upcoming year.

Ghost Brothers Season 2 date release

Season 1 Episodes

  • The action revolves around Magnolia Plantation in Louisiana. The history of this place dates back to 1800. It is rumored here that slaves still practice voodoo in their afterlife.
  • In the second episode of Ghost Brothers, the hosts get to Monticello situated in Arkansas. Their main aim is the Allen House. In 1949 a woman committed suicide there being a member of a love triangle. Paranormal things have been happening there since that.
  • Episode 3 revolves in Trinway, Ohio. The cast explores one of the stations of the local underground. They also find out the evil spirits of an old mansion.
  • The action of the fourth episode takes place in the Delta Queen – a riverboat with historical value. It was moved to LA to be renovated but started showing paranormal activity and a mass of scary phenomena.
  • Episode 5 will take you to Magnolia Hotel in Texas. The hotel is famous for numerous murders and suicides throughout its history. Paranormal activity there threatens local people.
  • The Ghost Brothers get to Georgia to explore the paranormal in The Fitzpatrick Hotel. It was founded on a territory of a former graveyard. Multiple ghosts there has already led to tragic deaths of numerous people.

Ghost Brothers Season 2


  • Dalen Spratt. Chooses objects for investigations. He’s bold, straightforward and adventurous. Feels no fear facing the paranormal. Experienced paranormal activity when he was only 7 years old living at his granny’s place. Originates from Dallas.
  • Juwan Mass. Originates from Chicago. Has been fascinated by the paranormal since 12 years old. At that time, he was trying to hunt ghosts at the local graveyard. Feels inexplicable sensations when ghosts are around.
  • Marcus Harvey. The newcomer in the group. Grew up in Atlanta. He’s a successful barber working with a number of celebrity clients. Marcus is a charmer of the group, with playful character bringing light mood and humor while handling numerous tools and mechanisms used by the team.

Ghost Brothers Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

The show was commissioned to one more season to be aired in the beginning of 2017. The 2nd season release date will be announced a bit later.

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