Ghost Adventures Season 14

Ghost Adventures is a paranormal TV series filmed and released in the USA. The first season release date is the 17th of October 2008. The release was carried out by Travel Channel. The production matters were carried out by MY-Tupelo Entertainment. The cast consists of Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, the ghost hunters. They inspect a number of locations that are probably inhabited by ghosts. The presenter of the project is Zak Bagans. Ghost Adventures season 14 release date hasn’t been announced, but high popularity of the series makes the continuation possible.

People can’t understand a number of things surrounding them. An intelligent person always gets a lot more answers than questions. Ghost Adventures manages to capture ground-breaking proofs of the existence of mysterious paranormal phenomena. Every new episode released demonstrates evidence on that!
Ghost Adventures Season 14 date release


Ghost Adventures was released as an independent project created in a docu series format. The filming was done in 2004 and the production matters were carried out by 4Reel Productions. Ghost Adventures was officially released in 2007. The crew consisting of experienced professionals willing to share their knowledge and unusual abilities to help usual people willing to get in contact with the paranormal.
Ghost Adventures Season 14


The members of a highly professional crew do their best to get satisfying evidence of paranormal activity. Every new episode deals with a new investigation provoked by one of the clients. At first, you will hear interviews and stories of those who has already suffered from paranormal phenomena. You’ll listen to interviews of people claiming they’ve witnessed inexplicable things. They use night-vision cameras to somehow witness the things happening to them every day.
Ghost Adventures Season 14

After the story is told, the participants discuss their problem with the ghost hunters choosing the appropriate way to resolve the situation. The cast uses digital thermometers, complex equipment and electromagnetic appliances in order to somehow show the ghosts moving and responding. All media received is thoroughly analyzed. The investigations are often held by experienced experts in paranormal stuff.

14th Season Air Date

There’s no info about the renewal of Ghost adventures for season 14, however the project enjoys enormous popularity. We’re always ready to share latest news with those who want to know when the series will get to the screen again. Ghost Adventures hasn’t been announced, but it hasn’t been cancelled either.

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