Ghost Adventures Season 13

In a far 2008, the world saw the appearance of a new brand show about scary supernatural things. The admirers of this genre found themselves glued to their screens. With such a positive turn of events (we mean particularly the popularity of the project), the developers have nothing to do but to continue the filming of the serial. Now we are waiting for the appearance of the 13th chapter.

Summary and plot

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Ghost Adventures is reckoned to be program about investigation aired on the Travel Channel. Let’s at first define the creators of the show. So they are Zak Bagans and Nick Groff. The genre o the show is historical thriller with fantastical moments. Now we have 12 seasons at our disposal ana are loking forward to the appearance of the thirteenth one. The debut of the show was held by the way as far back as 2008. The latest 12th season is now broadcast beginning from the end of January this year.
The show has the following participants Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley. And now let’s scrutinize the very essence of the program in order not to beat around the bush.

What is the program really about?

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The key goal of the show participants is to travel around the world in search for unusual dark places haunted with ghosts. So these men are brave indeed.
The investigation of the places starts with the introductory speech of Zak Bagans and showing interview fragments with people who have turned to become the witnesses of the paranormal phenomena at the investigated place. Zak gets the viewers up to speed providing them with a retrospective review of the background of this phenomenon.
The investigation seems like have some scientific background as the it is accomplished by means of various devices as for example digital thermometers, electromagnetic field meters, handheld audio recorders and infrared cameras. By means of all this equipment, they make attempts to find confirmation for the existence of ghosts in the given area.
When the episode is at its finish line, the data received with the help of all the tools scrutinized by the hosts of the project with collaboration of  paranormal experts.

Current chapter ratings and news about renewal possibility

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At the current moment, the serial is making records in the form of high rating numbers. Paranormal activity is reckoned to be the topic of vital interest to the viewers. So the developers have nothing to do but to keep renewing the serial each year.
This year is no exception. Travel Channel has announced the resumption of the show which is slated to premiere in 2017. So far, however, there is no certain information about the Ghost Adventures season 13 release date because it is too early for such things. And we have so far the 12th season for enjoyment. So keep abreast of the news coming straight from the reliable sources in order to be notified of the show details timely.


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