George Clarke`s Amazing Spaces Season 8

George Clarke`s Amazing Spaces Season 8 Release Date


George Clarke`s Amazing Spaces is a TV series, which was created in Great Britain. The season premiere was on October in the year of 2012. But now you can see the continuation of the Story. The George Clarke`s Amazing Spaces 8 Season release date is the 14th of October in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast, it is important to mention the only one person, who will amaze you with his great talent. His name is George Clarke and you will have an opportunity to see him in each new episode of the new season.

The director is Angie Cox. Among the producers, we must mention Stuart Cobb, Will Daws, Lizzie Wingham. The editor is Ross Baker.


In this serial, especially in the new season, you will have an opportunity to see, how George Clarke try to investigate different spaces in order to get the best results of it. He uses the most ingenious ways, because he believes, that with help oh his purposes he will reach the aim and know all the truth.

In the new episodes, you will see a treehouse, a floating home, dog house conversion, backyard pub, beach hut and, of course, Victorian bathing machine. If you will name it, you will see the program and understand all the covered details of it.

Each time the new episodes will be the most unforgettable because George Clark will make a lot of things in order to get the results and to show the viewers new and Interesting information.


In the new season of the serial, you will be amazed by all the discoveries, which an outstanding man will do. You will have an opportunity to enjoy his life, because of the things, which he did, amaze him from the beginning till the end.

Adults and children can watch this serial in order to spend the free time in pleasure. Here you wouldn’t see dangerous situations – everything will be rather calm, but it doesn’t mean, that the show wouldn’t be Interesting and exciting.

The new episode is ready for you, so don’t waste your time – just watch and enjoy it in any suitable moment for you.

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