Game of Silence 2 Season Release Date

Game of Silence 2 season release date

Game of Silence 2 season release date was announced by NBC. The details are disclosed further.

Game of Silence 2 season premiere will also be created by director Holly Dale and Dave Rodriguez together with the studio "Intrigue" in 2017.
The main role in Game of Silence season 2 episode 1 will have such cast: David Lyons, Al Vicente, Eileen Grubb, Michael Raymond-James and Lorenz Tate.

The Plot:

This story tells the audience about the past as something one person is able to erase the present and the future, the dramatic story of incompetence and stupidity in his youth resulted in the destruction and loss of career expensive and loved ones in the future.
The protagonist Brooks Jackson so far is very promising and successful employee of a law firm, whose career ladder is at the peak of the great glory. He has a remarkable strong relationship with your partner plans to create a full-fledged family and children.

Game of Silence 2 season release date was announced by NBC

According to Jackson neither of which can destroy his plans and dreams, but the sudden meeting with his comrades, whom he had not seen for over 20 years, it changes the whole happy life. And all because of the fact that in the past they had shared secrets, and if the public finds out about their career and a happy life full of Jackson come to an end.
Former friends offer him a way out and an ultimatum, but the output, in any case, would be disastrous. How events will unfold, we learn in the new season.
Game of Silence 2 season release date was announced by NBC for April of 2017.
There is no information about the release date of Game of Silence 2 season on DVD or Bluray.
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