Game of Silence 1 Season Release Date

Game of Silence 1 season release date

Game of Silence 1 season release date was confirmed by NBC.

Fans of criminal drama series the so-called Game of Silence premiere is Michael Raymond-James, David Lyons, Lorenz Tate, Bree Blair, Derek Phillips, Christi Farris, Judy Lewis, Gregory Alan Williams, Demetrius Grosse, etc.
The series CSI became kind of boring if not dull. NBC has decided to please fans with the new product. There was one person. Successfully working lawyer he finally reached the peak of his career. It is popular and has a lot of money and where the money sooner or later, new friends.
Game of Silence season 1 episode will follow the plot of the popular criminal Turkish show titled as Suskunlar.

Game of Silence 1 season release date was confirmed by NBC

The Plot:
However, the wonderful idyll spoils the appearance after 25 years of old friends. Make friends with children, as they grow older dispersed in all directions; they were again forced to come together. Why, you ask? One secret that the company filed for many years can come out. To prevent this, the old comrades decide to re-unite. However, since the time of the distant childhood much has changed. Some friends become enemies. Only the most loyal and faithful will be able to get away from this story.
Game of Silence 1 season release date is expected at the 2015-2015 TV season of NBC.
There is no information about the release date of Game of Silence 1 season on DVD or Bluray.
While waiting, watch Suskunlar 1 season trailer:

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