Fuller House Season 2

Those who are following the updating of the status of the series under the title “Fuller House” can breathe a sigh of relief. The point is that the developers have officially declared about the continuance of the serial that seems to be dear to the audiences’ taste.

Short outline

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The series titled “Fuller House” comes to be another successful addendum to the list of projects aired on such a giant network as Netflix.
The story is considered to be a sequel to the beloved “Full House” that has been broadcast more twenty years ago on the ABC channel. Jeff Franklin has made up his mind to reprise his role as an immediate developer of the series creating a new version of the story. He is not only a director but also the leader of the writing crew and a member of the producing team alongside with other participants who has also contributed immensely to the success of the show.
By the way, the story depicted in 1978-1995 was not brought to a closure hinting at the following extension. The viewers felt it at once and were looking forward to the sequel. And now his hopes have come true.
In the creating of the project, three companies are participating now: The company owned by Jeff Franklin, Warner Horizon Television, and Miller/Boyett Productions.
The premiere of the first episode of the comedy serial took place at the end of February this year. It consisted of 13 episodes. Each was about 30 minutes duration.
Fuller House Season 2 Cast

What is story about?

The sequel story is about the same woman named D.J. Tanner-Fuller. She lives in San Francisco. The cares of the world took the shine out of her. Now she works as a veterinarian. She has lost her husband and is trying to play her role as a mother of three children.
The principal heroine is depicted by Candace Cameron Bure. The cast returned practically in its full form to the great luck of the old-fashioned sitcom.

The renewal of the series: ratings, the release date, and other details

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When the sequel was brought to broadcasting, there appeared a lot of positive commentaries concerning the sequel. Thus, a great popularity has firmed its position for only a month. The audiences and especially the fans of the old story feel anticipated about the second season. They are anxious to receive another portion of nostalgia
Thus, as the sequel has met brilliantly the expectations of the viewers that seem like becoming glued to their screens, the developers have nothing to do but announce about the following expansion of the series. The announcement came right away in a few days after the premiere of the first season.  Thus, another season is reckoned to be something inescapable.
However, unfortunately, we have no information concerning such details of the second season as the return of other characters and the plotline. The Fuller House season 2 release date remains unknown as well. So there is nothing to do but to enjoy the first season and stay tuned in order to be notified in a right time.


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