From The Bottom Up Season 2

A new documentary series under the title “From The Bottom Up” with the participation of five charming women” is so far to be renewed for another chapter by the developers. Let’s hope that it is only a matter of time, nothing else, for the theme of the serial is quite inspiring and catchy.

What should we know about this newcomer on Centric?

From The Bottom Up Season 2 Poster
The serial comes to be created by the one and the only Queen Latifah. The genre of the project is reckoned to be a documentary multipart film. The opening of the first season took place in January 2016. The home channel is reckoned to be BET’s co-project company titled Centric. As for the fabrication company, this position is presented by the only one studio called Flavor Unit Entertainment. The team of executive producers is composed of such names as Yaneley Arty, Luchia Ashe, Shakim Compere and Nicci Gilbert.

What is the new documentary about in fact?

The serial enlarges upon five magnificent women. Their life has been full of success until an awful turn of unexpected events has ditched their business. These on-goings are ranged from illegal professional activities to problems with the law of various severities – fraud, money laundering, DUI and attempted murder among them.
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The series is in fact about their way back to normal regular life. These women are named Christine Beatty, Sara Stokes, Chrystale Wilson, Kim Smedley, and Stacii Jae Johnson. The viewers are to watch their attempts of climbing again to the top. Are they capable of doing this? What are their stories are starting from? If you are interested in these questions, you should watch the serial now from the beginning.
It is worth noting that these women are brave enough; as they are unfolding their secrets in front of us.  Thus, they deserve respect and possibility to recover in order to provide the viewers who are presented mainly by females with inspiration to change something in their lives. The main idea of the project is that giving up is not the way out no matter what the situation is. You should move further improving yourself every day, as life is a constant struggle that will never be brought to an end. The main thing is to learn life lessons timely without committing the same errors twice and even in the case of committing not to stop in face of difficulties.

Current season and its ratings: can we expect the renewal of the series?

The thing is that we are currently unaware of the possible rating level of the serial. This information comes to be unavailable. We can only make suppositions stating that the serial theme is quite serious and cancellation of the project turns to be a kind of a cruel action for those who now admire this serial finding there their hope that they will change their life for good. Maybe some people have already changed it thanks to this project.
So there is no information now about the From The Bottom Up season 2 release date as the developers are still to shape the future of the project. Stay tuned with us in order to receive information about your new favorite documentary timely.


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