Fried Season 2

A new scripted comedy show broadcasted on Central Comedy is waiting for us already on various online resources. The second season is not a defined one. Therefore, stay tuned in the case of any changes coming out on Facebook and Twitter accounts of the developers.

Making a quick sketch of the whole project

A fresh comedy with a hilarious depiction of events happening to Mary and Derek as they work in a set of fast food restaurants.
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The situational comedy is broadcasted on BBC Three since the previous August. The current amount of episodes constitutes six with the duration of half an hour each.
The principal roles are performed by Katy Wix and Simon Greenall. Other parts are entrusted to Will Melling and Imran Yusuf.
The production is a matter of concern for Jack and Harry Williams working as scriptwriters, as well as for the leader of the team of producers named Sarah Hammond. As for the fabrication companies, here we should mention two of them – Two Brothers Pictures and Bwark.

Following the storyline

The series revolves around Mary and Derek as they work as managers in one of the fast restaurants called as Seriously Fried Chicken.
Each day they something turn to happen to them, the optimistic yet ineffective couple of employees. Their ups and falls are, thus, the immediate object for depiction.
What are the events that are mostly disturbing than pleasing to them? In fact, they are connected with difficult customers, their relationships, as well as the unbearable smell of oil, which they cannot stand. And now as far as the ratings of the show are concerned.

Ratings and reviews

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What is important to note is the level of ratings of this scripted comedy show. So, here we are dealing with not so inspiring situation as we could predict. The thing is that there is a large number of reviews coming from ordinary watchers, as well as from critics but they are controversial if to sum them up with the majority of them inclining, nevertheless, to the negative direction, regretfully.
The scoring on IMDb is showing and proving the situation with ratings. It is rather average constituting just 6.1 points out of 10.

Can we expect the series renewal?

And truly, are the predictions so sad? In fact, from all above-mentioned, we can only conclude that the series resumption is not probable. The audience nowadays is pampered with a variety of projects that offer much more amusement than this one under discussion.
Nevertheless, as the cancellation has not been a confirmed matter, the chances of the resumption exist. So, the developers can give the series another opportunity and create much more exciting comedy project for us. For such a case, we should stay tuned monitoring the situation for you in order to deliver any piece of info timely including the Fried season 2 release date. Follow us and you will get notified as soon as news comes out.


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