Fortitude Season 2 Release Date

Fortitude Season 2 Release Date


Fortitude is a British psychological thriller about the events taking place in the Arctic town of Fortitude, located above the Polar Circle.

Sky Atlantic approved Fortitude season 2 release date for October of 2016. There is no news about Fortitude season 2 release date on DVD and Bluray.


In Fortitude season 2 episode 1 you will see the same Actors – Richard Dormer, Sophie Grobel, Stanley Tucci, Veronica Echegi, Hlinur Bjorn Haraldsson, Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips, Sienna Guillory, Mia Nielsen-Eksen and Jessica Raine.


In a small town, scientists are working, outside the city limits here roam polar bears, which are the Main threat in this city. From time to time here bump crowds. But in the snowy town is killed… The series is particularly interesting because, begins as a detective by the end transformed into a full-fledged thriller.

In a small town in the north of Svalbard proceeded fairly peaceful life. It worked, scientists and miners, shooting your pictures famous photographer. The Main problem of the town were the polar bears that might wander into the village, and even more so were dangerous for those who have decided to take a walk outside. Here the harsh life – you cannot leave the town without a rifle. The governor of Fortitude (Sophie Grobel) bears a tourism project – the hotel in the ice, which should attract the audience and money in town. But scientists are not too eager to give this place the crowds of curious… One of the scientists, Charlie (Christopher Eccleston) becomes the victim of a monstrous murder.

Interesting Facts

  • Filming of the TV show Fortitude season 1 was done in the United Kingdom and Iceland;
  • The second season of the TV show will consist of 10 episodes;
  • In the first episode of the first season M. Gambon discussed Mr. Pettigrew – a character from Harry Potter series.

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Fortitude (trailer)

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