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Great news has come from the official resources. The thing is that the new brand serial titled “Fortitude” is resumed for the following second season. Though there is no information about the launch of the second chapter, it is expected that the serial will be airing this year.

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Fortitude is considered to be a mysterious horror drama in the form of a multipart film. The horror presented here is of psychological nail-biting type The pioneer chapter debuted at the end of January of the antecedent year. The immediate creator of the story is reckoned to be Simon Donald. The acting crew consists of such actors and actresses as Richard Dormer, Sofie Gr?b?l, Michael Gambon, Stanley Tucci, Mia Jexen, Luke Treadaway. These are the leading performers in the serial.
Now we have 15 episodes at our disposal. Each part lasts for about an hour. The home streaming online channel is Sky Atlantic. The series is created by the Pivot studio.

What have the developers prepared for us in this psychological thriller?

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The action takes place in a fictional world in the center of the freezing Arctic. Situated on the verge of the Arctic Circle, Fortitude makes for the most protected cities on the planet. No violent crimes have been committed here till the certain moment of time.
What has disturbed the peacefulness in this perfect town? It is about the brutal and violent murder perpetrated here by the stranger. The investigative dities are entrusted to the local sheriff Dan Anderssen who is then to collaborate with Inspector Morton who is brought from London police to contribute to the progress of the case exploration. Their cooperation results in many suspects appearing one after another and it seems like the deal is going to obtain a very twisted turn.
Moreover, the ice is melting as the strong-knit residents of the Arctic city (which amomt is, by the way, does not exceed 800 people) are to face the unfolding secrets that have been tucked away under the ice.

How was the project evaluated by the audience?

According to IMDb, the serial has hot an above-average rating (more than 7.5 points from 10).  On Rotten Tomatoes, the scoring is much more better (more than 85%). During all episodes the amount of viewers was more or less stable and constituted more than 1 million people. Thus, the ratings, as well as the commentaries both from critics and common viewers, are very positive which gives the project a chance of the resumption.

When can we expect the appearance of the new season?

Due to the popularity of the project being so high, the developers have made up their minds to continue its production. So though we have no data about the Fortitude season 2 release date as well as about the plot details and changes in the acting cast, we are sure that the second chapter will appear as the renewal is officially confirmed. So stay tuned in order to be one the first people who will get to know the premiere date of the second season.


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