Forever 2 Season Release Date

Forever 2 season release date
Forever 2 season release date was rumored. What to expect from the second season of the popular ABC show?
What to wait from the sequel to this fantastic drama on ABC’s or the project will be closed? These questions are now many are looking for answers on the Internet.
Rumors about the second season:
As it became known television channel ABC has plans for this pilot project, and ordered an additional script for the first season of Forever TV series. Probably this is done in order to evaluate its performance before deciding whether to order additional episodes and a second season.

Forever 2 season release date was rumored

Although the ratings of the series "Eternity" fell by almost half compared with the first series, there are still chances for the new season. The first episode of the show looked 8.59 million viewers on ABC. Further, the number of viewers from series to series began to fall and reached 4 million per episode.

Forever 2 season release date is yet to be confirmed. Wait for our updates.
How do you feel about this show? It is worth of the sequel?

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