Follow the Money Season 2

What should we expect from the crime series? Surely, it is mysteries and an intricate narrative compelling for following. All this is referred to Follow the Money. The freshman season has made a debut this year. Today, we wait for the news about the future of the second installment that should be announced by the CBC channel.

Basic Info

The series is Danish project broadcasted in various countries throughout the globe. Among them, there are surely the Denmark, UK, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Australia, as well as Canada. The first premiere is dated back to January 2016 in Denmark. In Canada, the CBC channel has been responsible for airing since June 2016. The first and the latest season comprises ten parts.

According to characteristics, the story is a criminal thriller. Jeppe Gjervig Gram is a person behind the very development, while Piv Bernth has led the executives. The company of production is Danmark’s Radio.
The acting crew contains the names of Thomas Bo Larsen, Esben Smed Jensen, Natalie Madue?o, Lucas Hansen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Thomas Hwan, and Julie Grundtvig Wester.

Plot Summary

Energreen is at the center of the story. Something strange has started to occur to this company. The policeman should try to clarify what is happening inside this enterprise.
One woman from a legal department reveals the secret that can help to get to the bottom. A mechanic gets tied to a criminal network specializing in stealing cars, but what he doesn’t expect is the big conspiracy. All of a sudden, he becomes a part of something far greater.

Audience Response

The International airing of the series has brought a huge popularity to it. The score on IMDb is another proof of this statement – 7.4 points out of 10. It is not perfect yet sufficiently decent in order to create the following installments of this newcomer on TV.
Follow the Money Season 2 Promo
What are the advantages of the story? Well, the story is the advantage itself. It is about corruption, corporate greed, and murder, as well as touches the trendy ecological green energy industry setting, the issue that is of vital importance nowadays. This has led to great resonance.
Moreover, the reviewers note that the story is a knotty in a positive sense while the characters turn to be developed in a scrupulous way. The only one fall lie in the lack of dynamics in the story unfolded in front of us. So, it is not action but it does not mean that it should be referred to this genre though related to the criminal stories.

Current Status

The first has been made this year. Herewith, you should not worry about such things as resumption for the next installment and the Follow the Money season 2 release date. The latter one can appear only in spring 2017 or even later. Stay tuned for the announcement of the revival specifically. If you have followed the freshman season, let us know what your impressions after its viewing are.


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