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Follow the Rules Season 2 Release Date


On MTV Channel Follow the Rules Season 2 started to launch.

Follow the Rules is a comedy TV serial, which will present you the life of actor and rapper by the name of Ja Rule. Here in the center of attention, you will always see his family. The first season premiere of the serial appears on the 26th of October in the year of 2015.


Here you wouldn’t see any professional actor, but you will have an opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle of Ja Rule. So, we can say, that in this serial he plays the most important role, but not the other cast.


Each episode will present you the life of people in Rules family. The story is truthful, so there wouldn’t be any question of how the plot was created. Ja Rule thinks, that he has a beautiful family. The lovely person, who changed his life into a better side is Aisha, she is his wife.

Here you will see, how hard it is to deal with the tree kinds of different ages. Their names are Britteny, Jeffery, and Jordan. Of course, Ja always helps the wife with the children, but the problem is, that he has not so big amount of free time, and she must do all the work in-house and watch all the successes, which each child has. Sometimes she is so tired of it.

In the first season, you will see, that such family is rather energetic. Here every member does sports and prefers  to rest actively. The new generation has a lot of features from father and mother, but each person is an individuality and they realize it.

When Ja has the vacation, he wants to spend the time with his lovely family. That’s why every time he makes a plan of rest, by which every member of the family will be satisfied and full of positive emotion. There are a lot of camping trips in their lives, also they often take part in the projects, which were created by their city. So, as you can understand, in the second season of the serial you will see the peculiarities of life, which have famous people. Here will be a lot of positive events, but also there you will see the difficulties, which they have.


If you like the serials, which are full of love and positive events. In that season you will see the new information about the celebrity`s family and you will be happy to watch that reality on the weekend.

The duration of one new episode is about 22 minutes. The Follow the Rules 2 Season release date is the 9th of February in the year of 2016. We can use this date when we are talking about the season air date.

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