Fleabag Season 2

Fleabag is a new comedy by British production. The freshman season release date is July 21, 2016, on the BBC Three channel in the UK. In the USA, the first season premiere is dated back to September 16, 2016, on Amazon. The pioneer installment includes six episodes with the volume of half an hour each.
Hailing from Two Brothers Pictures, the series is a feather in the cap of Phoebe Waller-Bridge who has written the script, executive produced the story and performed the main role. Other members of the executive cast are Lydia Hampson, as well as Harry and Jack Williams. The acting crew includes also the following ones:

  • Hugh Skinner,
  • Sian Clifford,
  • Brett Gelman,
  • Bill Paterson,
  • Olivia Colman and some others.

Fleabag Season 2 Cast

Following the Pivotal Storyline

At the center of narration, there is a woman with an unlucky fate. Fleabag, living in London, tries to make all pieces of herself together after the death of her best friend yet these attempts seem to be useless. The comedy in the core, the series revolves around the depressing side of life. Nevertheless, the story is uplifting and inspiring and can be compared to Bridget Jones being its funnier and ruder adaptation.
Fleabag seems to be unlucky in all spheres no matter whether it is work or her private life. Moreover, she is in a constant feud with her relatives. What can be worth? How does the heroine cope with all this? Follow the story as it is!

Excellent Reception

Fleabag Season 2 Spoiler
This comedy is not referred to the group of middling ones. The main character is well-developed while the whole narration is multidimensional. Pretty important poignant issues of modern times come as objects for mockery.
The series boasts excellent ratings. On IMDb, it is 8.2 points out of 10 while on Metacritic, the score is even greater – 88%. Rotten Tomatoes offers the entire 100%! With such almost unanimous acclaim, the viewership per each new episode may not be mentioned even.
What do you think of this story? Are you waiting already for the release of the second season air date or not? When can it be announced? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!

Leading Only to One Conclusion

The perfect reception can cause only one outcome – the further renewals of the comedy. So far, as the freshman season release has been arranged recently, we should not be under the illusion that the Fleabag season 2 release date will appear in the near future. The revival is another issue. It can be announced at any moment now. Stay tuned if you are already a loyal follower of this magnificent comedy!


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