Flash Season 3 Release Date

Flash Season 3 Release Date


Flash season 3 is a sci-fi series based on the comic book produced by DC Comics and created by Warner Bros. Television since 2014 for the TV channel – CW network.

Flash season 3 release date was scheduled by CW channel on October 4, 2016. DVD and Bluray release dates for Flash season 3 are have not yet been announced.


The leading roles in Flash season 3 episode 1 are played by Thomas Kevena, Fulvio Checher, Rick Cosnett, Grant Gustin, Michelle Harrison, Matthew Robert Kelly, Jennifer’s Kitchen, Nelson Carter Leis and Rowan Longworth.


The plot of Flash season 3 premiere is based on the comics of the same superhero universe, where we saw the characters of another DC comics based TV show Arrow. The Main character is Barry Allen, who as a child saw some supernatural force had killed his mother. In this terrible crime he blamed his father, who was in prison. Since then Barry tirelessly looking for this mysterious killer.

When Barry grew up, he became an assistant of a medical examiner in Central City. During his career, he is moving closer to the laboratory staff S.T.A.R. Arrow and superhero who first did not trust the newcomer. When Barry worked in the laboratory, lightning explodes accelerator Wells particles. After that, Allen will receive the strongest radiation, and almost a year in a coma. After he woke up, it turns out that he had the supernormal ability, which allows him to move with great speed. Since that time he has a new name – Flash. Now Barry becomes a superhero. With new powers and abilities he investigates the murder of his mother.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2014 the first season of this fantastic series was released on CW channel. Since the first series Flash has the strong audience ratings, which led to the extension of the series for the second season;

Officially, the shooting of the third season came to an end. All episodes were directed by David Nutter, the Main roles are still played by Grant Gustin, Rick Cosnett and Candice Patton;

  • Stephen Amell starred in the pilot episode of Flash series to tie the two realities of the series;
  • The shooting of the second season of the series was held in Vancouver, Canada.

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