Flaked Season 2

The so-called sad comedy is a genre where under funny jokes and humor a serious and sometimes sad story lies in which the main character usually goes through a personal drama. This format was implemented in the series Flaked, which started on Netflix channel in the spring of 2016. This show immediately attracted a large number of viewers, and its vivid cast and good acting were to the liking of many fans of this genre of projects. And, as it has become known recently, the program’s first season will not be the last: Flaked season 2 will be renewed in 2017 – release date TBA. The coming season premiere will undoubtedly be presented in this year, but an exact second season air date is still unknown. When the next new episode is aired, the viewers’ amount is sure to increase as the following season start is being awaited by many with great tension.

Creators and Producers Crew

The first episode of the series started on TV on March 11, 2016; that part consisted of 8 episodes with different running time (from 30 to 43 minutes). There is still no finale schedule of the future season two, and it’s difficult to say how many episodes the following part will include.
Flaked Season 2 date release

The main creator and at the same time the leading actor in Flaked is Will Arnett, a Canadian actor and writer; he is helped by Mark Chappell, a writer from the UK. Besides the high-mentioned creators there are executive producers developing the show and those who are likely to be responsible for all the possible air dates are the following people:

  • Peter Principato;
  • Kathy O’Connell;
  • Mitchell Hurwitz.

The show is produced by a few companies, and the most famous of them is Electus; the channel which will be the first to present Flaked’s return on the screen is Netflix.
Flaked Season 2

Plot Peculiarities

This comic story with elements of drama tells the story of Chip, a man owning his own small business and suffering from alcohol addiction. His lifestyle is quite common and is no different from most of his neighbors. He’s got friends, there is a woman with whom he fell in love, but at the same time he is looking for somethingnew, his vocation and the path that will be able to improve him and to help to overcome depressive moods.

The other actors taking part in the series are:

  • Ruth Kearney;
  • Lina Esco;
  • David Sullivan;
  • George Basil and others.

Flaked Season 2

Soon Continuation and Rating

The new season release date is yet to be announced, but even today there are a lot of viewers who are eager to know this information as soon as possible. On IMDB the audience has given Flaked a 7.3/10 score, and in the next season this figure will probably be higher. Stay tuned and receive all interesting data and facts about the future part.

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