Flaked Season 2

Recently we have another new serial coming to Netflix streaming network. Its title is “Flaked”. The ratings were not so high. However, we hope for its immediate renewal to be announced by the developers.


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Flaked is reckoned to be a breakthrough hit in the online television. The premiere season has been given a recent start in the middle of the previous month, to be more concrete on March 11. The series consists of 8 half-an-hour parts.
The production company is considered to be Electus, a company famous for such projects Running Wild, Mob Wives, and Jane the Virgin.
The project is spearheaded by Will Arnett and Mark Chappell. They are taking the part of executive producers in collaboration with Ben Silverman, Peter Principato, and Mitchell Hurwitz. The star crew includes Ruth Kerney, again Will Arnett, and David Sullivan. As you can Will Arnett is everywhere in this show. He is considered to be by the way the nominee of Emmy Award.
The giant television company Netflix is responsible for streaming the series.

The plotline

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The principal personage of the serial is Chip. He is reckoned to be a swindler. However, his skills and experience are on a very high level and this contributes to him becoming wealthier and wealthier. His scheme of cheat is rather simple. He serves as a guide for those people who have lost the essence in their life. Chip lends a helping hand to people trying to make them become happier and successful by means of investigating themselves and discovering their true nature. Does this perfect seem strange to you? At least, he should because in fact he is cheating people. When he receives payments from his gullible clients,   he just suddenly evaporates leaving his clientele being at their wits’ end.
His life comes to twist and to turn one day when he meets his fiend’s girlfriend and loses his heart to her. It seems like he cannot lead his life in the way he did it before this crucial acquaintance.

The current season ratings and the renewal predictions

Flaked Season 2 Cast
The reviews of the critics and commentaries from the common viewers are very contradictory. The multipart movie seems to lack something as it is considered by a lot of people as a purposeless and pretty boring project. However, some people state that the serial reminds them in some way now already legendary brand under the title “Californication”. Thus, the serial hasn’t found its audience yet. However, it is too early to jump to conclusions. The serial is still at the stage of broadcasting. Thus, the cast is yet to show us its acting and we hope that at the end of the first season we will be looking forward to another chapter unanimously.
There is no information so far about the Flakes season 2 release date and the possibility of its renewal. So we have nothing to do but to keep waiting for the official news to come from the developers of the project. Stay tuned in order to be notified in a right time.


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