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Flaked Season 2 Release Date

Netflix Studio confirmed the information that “Flaked” season 2 will be officially started in 2017. There’s no additional information, but we’ll be watching for renews of the official Netflix’s Twitter. So you’ll be keeping up in all news about “Flaked” season 2.


In “Flaked” you can’t find any name of a great Hollywood star, but the cast is playing with all possible talent. Stanislavsky would say “I believe”. The main cast crew of “Flaked” is the next:

  • Will Arnett. He’s playing the main hero named Chip.
  • David Sullivan. Dennis, Chip’s friend.
  • Ruth Kearney. London – Chip’s love.

Other roles are not main, but Lina Esco, George Basil, Mike Cochrane and others made that “Flaked” that we love. So great thanks to them. What’s interesting, Will Arnett (Chip) is also the creator of the “Flaked”. Is he a genius? Hell yes!

What is “Flaked”?

“Flaked” is comedy web-serials with great popularity. It tells us about the unique crook named Chip. The whole story is based on the TV network with its most popular shows like “Running Wild”, “Mob Wives” etc. Chip was introduced as an enlightened guru with great skills and abilities. But during the series, everyone understood that Chip is cheating. Suddenly the main hero fell in love with his friend’s girlfriend. And now Chip is trying to change his style of life.

The story of “Flaked” is rather vital. Maybe the series became popular because of the vital plot. Everyone has got such kind of situation in his life. Anyway, “Flaked” season two, which premiere will be in 2017, will tell us about further life of Chip and his love. A new episode will be released in March 2017 at the Netflix Channel.

What’s new about “Flaked” season 2?

The season premiere will bet at March 2017. But season release date is not stable. It can be moved several times. And what about season air date? It will be known when we’ll know an exact date of release of the episode one. Now we have not even teasers of new episodes. So we must wait for a couple of months to know further information about the “Flake” Season 2.

In conclusion

The “Flake” is not like other series of our time. It can teach you some values which are not so popular in our time. But we’re nothing without that values. For example, kindness, humanity and the belief. The belief that people can change for the better. This is what is lacking in the modern world. No doubt that the “Flake” can be moved to category “must see”.

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