Fir Bolg Season 1 Release Date

Fir Bolg Season 1 Release Date


TG4 channel’s new drama Fir Bolg commences after Christmas and if the thought and cast are anything to pass by, it ought to be worth viewing.

Fir Bolg season 1 release date was scheduled by TG4 for September in 2016. Currently there is no news about Fir Bolg season 1 release date on Bluray and DVD.


Fir Bolg season 1 episode 1 has such Actors – Sean McGinley, Don Wycherley, Aonghus McAnally, and Caroline Morahan, with cameos from Patrick Bergin, Liam Cunningham, Stephen Rea, Amy Huberman, Paddy Moloney and Brendan Grace.


Fir Bolg season 1 premiere is the tale of a band of dried up old trad rockers who were huge once upon a time yet after a caustic split haven’t seen each other for a considerable length of time – until a chance meeting prompts a one-gig-just gathering.

Interesting Facts

  • “The financial plan for Fir Bolg season 1 is around €1million”, – says TG4’s head of programming Miche?l ? Meallaigh, who puts having solid dramatization in his timetable high on the rundown of needs;
  • The Irish Film and Television Academy are pleased to have a selective first look screening of ‘Fir Bolg’ trailed by Q&A with cast and team;
  • Coordinated by Tom?s ? S?illeabh?in, and composed by Brian Reddin;

Fir Bolg season 1 is a bilingual – Actors speak in Irish and English languages;

  • Shooting will happen throughout the following couple of weeks however keeping up a long-remove association with her hubby, Daithi O Caoimh, is just the same old thing new for the star.

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